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The Artist

"My art is meant to uplift every soul and be a reflection of the unseen beauty residing in every person."

Stella Djulus

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the town of Likasi, Stella was discovered at a very young age to be extremely creative. She spent her childhood drawing every day after school. Her natural talent and impressive work were always recognized by her family, friends and everyone who laid their eyes on her drawings.


Although culturally Art wasn’t rightfully valued in the DRC her parents were always supportive of her art and pushed her to continue being creative as they believed in the potential God put inside of her.


In 2001 Stella migrated to Canada where she currently resides. She kept investing her time to improve and learn new skills, trying different mediums ranging from traditional to digital art.

With many life challenges and responsibilities (school, marriage, children) Stella put away her passion for art for several years and didn’t feel motivated nor inspired. She wasn’t making art and it didn’t feel right.


2015 was a turning point for her, her dear father passed away the day after her birthday. This was very devastating but through these troubling and challenging times, she drew closer to God for guidance about her purpose and calling so she could leave a legacy that will live on. That is when God pointed her to art. It was loud and clear, art is a vehicle God has given her to fulfill her purpose. She remembered the voice of her father who used to tell her “you will do great things! More than me”.


“When I turn 70 years old I don’t want to have regrets looking back and knowing I could have done something valuable with art and I didn’t because I had too many excuses. I know God would hold me accountable”.


It was in her late 20s that Stella decided courageously to pursue art professionally, convinced that there is a purpose in her being an artist. Through prayer and asking God for guidance, she discovered the Milan Art Institute Mastery program which taught her the skills and techniques she needed to successfully launch her career as a professional artist.


As a mixed media artist, she works primarily with oil and acrylic paint. She loves to paint women and flowers. Her artistic style is abstract realism. Stella paints beauty in a very impactful way and her subjects are portrayed with delicate but poignant expressions as they emerge gracefully from their symbolic surroundings which are filled with symbolism and bold colours. Using her unique voice as an artist, her art creates deep connections with her audience that can relate with her subjects. These subjects represent the bold, the overcomer, the confident, the liberated. Her art provokes deep emotions, a sense of inner freedom and faith in the impossible, the journey many have gone through which is emerging from any situation better and conquering obstacles beautifully – her life’s journey.

She believes that her ability to create is a gift from God who is the ultimate source of inspiration and her art is meant to uplift every soul and be a reflection of the unseen beauty and strenght residing in every soul.